At Ann Edwards School pupils are invited to take on various roles and responsibilities to ensure that they have a voice in wider decisions of the school. Through these roles they have an opportunity to learn how they can make a difference through engagement at a range of levels.


Current Roles



Year 6 pupils apply for these roles at the start of the year. As part of this role they are invited to meet the Head Teacher every two weeks, are ambassadors for the school, show parents and visitors around the school and interview pupils across the school on matters linked to the School Development Plan. The following children have been chosen as our prefects:


Orla, Chloe, Amelie, Psalmalain, Ryan and Mataya.



Playleaders do exactly that! They organise and help lead play at playtime. We have recently invested in a wide range of play equipment for playtime and lunch time. This equipment is colour coded to Houses and Playleaders manage its use and safe return, as well as teaching small games. Please view the gallery for the most recent updates and see our monthly ‘new game’.



Buddies are trained to support pupils who may struggle with friendships at playtimes or need help solving any mini misunderstandings. They wear bright tabards so that pupils can quickly and easily find them! If problems feel too big then Buddies will automatically go to an adult however we usually find they are very good sorting out upsets or pupils who need a little help. Please see our gallery for updates and advice from our buddies on ‘Finding and keeping friends’.