Our School Vision


 ‘Learning and Achieving in a Caring Community’

Do to others what you would want them to do to you” Matthew 7:12


We invited all stakeholders ; pupils, parents  teachers, support staff and  governors, to review  our schools’  ‘Vision and Ethos ‘ We asked  them to share their ideas,  to help us to review our schools’  ‘Vision and Ethos’ , as part of the  whole school community . Each of the stakeholder groups  agreed  values  and approaches which  they  felt  are essential to capturing what makes  Ann Edwards Primary School successful ; historically, currently and in the future.

What makes Ann Edwards Primary School , Ann Edwards Primary School?  All of the responses are represented in Wordles below :

These ideas  were then merged to produce one final ‘ Vision and Ethos’ Wordle ( shown at the top of the page.) This reflects  all of our views together. The similarities between stakeholders responses clearly showed a very distinctive shared set of  key values and shows our collective overriding commitment to:

Inclusion, Respect , Support , Achievement , Nurture and a Happy learning environment.



Learning and Achieving in a Caring Community’

Do to others as you would have done to yourself” Matthew 7:12


Ann Edwards Church of England Primary School provides the highest quality education within the context of caring Christian beliefs and practices; in partnership with our local church ‘ All Hallows’  Ann Edwards C of E Primary School is a creative , nurturing inclusive community shaped by our vision for spiritual growth and our Christian values. Children of any faith, or none, are given the opportunity to develop their own spirituality, valuing wisdom, growing in hope, showing respect and exploring big questions.


Our School Aims

We will work towards realising our vision through the following aims:

  • To equip the children with the confidence and the skills to learn academically, vocationally, socially and spiritually and to take responsibility their learning and actions.
  • To provide a stimulating, high quality curriculum which is fully inclusive, develops potential and enables achievement and enjoyment for all children in our care.
  • To create a ‘can do’ culture in which everyone, children and adults, wants to be involved in learning, is inspired to ‘have a go’ is motivated to aim for high standards and achieve their best through a strong sense of self-worth.
  • To provide an exciting, challenging place where every person feels empowered and fulfilled and opportunities are provided to celebrate achievements and successes.
  • To encourage all pupils to make a valuable contribution to the school, local and wider communities.
  • To provide a safe, happy and healthy environment in which children are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • To create a welcoming school community, in which families can  be fully involved in working in partnership with the school to ensure that children are happy, confident and able to achieve their best..
  • To demonstrate a commitment to Christian beliefs and values which are reflected in the daily life and ethos of the school and in the importance we place on the act of collective worship as a means of promoting Christian values.
  • To treat each other with respect, loyalty, trust, honesty and compassion in the context of a multi faith society.


Christian Beliefs and Values

We have a vision statement that refers explicitly to our commitment to Christian beliefs and values. I explain to all parents when they enrol their children that we are a church school and that our ethos is underpinned by Christian beliefs and values. Our collective worship provides opportunities for pupils to share what is meaningful and significant to them as well as giving time for reflection and celebration. We respond to the more difficult moments  in life , such as natural disaster and human tragedy through prayer, calling upon our faith to give strength and hope for the future. We have a close connection with the All Hallows Church community and enjoy its support and encouragement. The vicar regularly leads collective worship in school and church workshops are held at the school. We go as a whole school to worship in church at Christmas, Easter and for our Y6 Leavers service.

As part of our Harvest celebration we write letters to the elderly folk in the community and deliver gifts to them – the whole school takes part. We make reference to spiritual and moral aspects of pupils learning across the curriculum whenever the opportunity presents itself. We enrich the children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development through regularly engaging in projects such as Operation Christmas Child and Comic Relief to develop the children’s’ awareness of the needs of those in other contexts and cultures. We also support other charities.