Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

In April 2011 The Government introduced Pupil Premium Grant funding. The aim of the grant, which is additional to main stream funding,  was viewed by the government  as the best way to address the current identified inequalities between children eligible for Free School Meals (FSM)   and their better off peers by ensuring that  funding to ‘Close the Gap’ reaches pupils in need.  Pupil Premium Funding is allocated to all school and is clearly identifiable. Additional Pupil Premium funding is provided for FSM pupils, Service pupils and Children  in Care (CIC) pupils .All schools can decide how they spend pupil Premium , since they are best placed to assess and address  what additional  support should be made for pupils within their school.

Pupil Premium Funding differs for each group,  as such  pupils who receive Pupil Premium funding for FSM or as CIC receive support for:- interventions, school trips,  residential , music tuition,  as well as holiday club provision.

Our Service Pupils   Pupil Premium funding is , significantly lower and is allocated by the government   to schools to  support transition  and  associated intervention,  thus  ensuring  pupils  achievements are not effected by the  mobility, either of their family or other families around them.

We use the January INSET to focus on our Vulnerable Groups data and look at barriers, and strengths, for each of our  groups We have established networks for our Children In Care Families ( with 14 CIC pupils in school) and for our Service Families ( with 54 pupils in school) In addition to this we have established strong links and understanding of our families of FSM pupils ( with 38 pupils in school)

At Ann Edwards School we support all our pupils through quality teaching, resources and a wide range of interventions and additional support. The School Leadership Team and Governors have a responsibility to monitor Pupil Progress and the impact of all spending and interventions, including Pupil Premium. The attached reports summarises how this was done in  2017-8, 2018-9  and shows  the impact. In addition to this the current 2019-20 PP Proposed Funding Report is also attached.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Head teacher or Deputy Head.


Reports & Further Information


For further information please refer to the link below which will take you to the DfE Pupil Premium; Funding and accountability for schools report.