Our daily collective worship is central and an important part of the school day for staff and pupils. Children are actively encouraged to engage in collective worship as well as lead collective worship. Each day we hold a different type of Christian based worship that fosters pupil’s spiritual development. Everyone is welcome, of all faiths and none. We call upon a range of links in the community and resources to support worship. Values based collective worship uses materials created by Imaginor publications or the Values for Life materials created by Jumping Fish publications of Gloucestershire Diocese. We use the Understanding Christianity project at school as part of our Religious Education programme, but often use it to enable children to ‘see’ where Bible stories are in the Old or New Testaments.

Collective worship provides a space and a place for the telling of the Christian story, the mutual giving and receiving of worth as well as times of reflection and prayer. We aim for our collective worship to be inspirational and transformational.


Collective Worship Weekly Timetable:

Day / Time



Monday 9:05am

Whole school & all staff

Value of the Term

Roots and Fruits.

Head , Rev. McKenzie or RE Subject Lead
Tuesday 9.10 am

Whole school

Bible stories & learning from them Open the book team

(Children actively involved )

Wednesday 10.10 am

Whole school

Values Based Stories

Linked to the current Value of the Term

Class Teachers
Thursday 10:10am

Class worship – all staff

Worship through song or Class Assembly Music Subject Lead or Class teachers and children
Friday 2.30pm

Whole school & staff

Celebration worship & reflecting upon the week – a time for personal reflection.  Child Led

Head or Deputy Head