Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later” – Og Mandino


Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education Policy



Our policy outlines the teaching and learning o PSHCE. The policy is based on a non-statutory framework and incorporates SEAL materials as a basis for planning. It has the full agreement of the governors who have approved it. The implementation o this policy is the responsibility of all teaching staff.



The overarching aim for PSHCE in our school is to ensure that pupils:-

  • stay as healthy as possible
  • keep themselves and other safe
  • have worthwhile and fulfilling relationships
  • have respect for others
  • be independent and responsible members of the school community
  • play an active role as members of a democratic society.
  • develop self-confidence and self esteem
  • behave in a socially and morally acceptable way including  towards  others
  • make informed choices regarding personal and social issues.
  • develop good relationships with both members of the school and with the wider community


These are our PiNK timetables for our PSHCE curriculum: (Under Review)