Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later” – Og Mandino

PSHE Intent

At Ann Edwards Church of England Primary School, we are committed to offering learning opportunities and experiences that enable all of our pupils to flourish as individuals. It is our intent that all children will be ‘lifelong learners’ with the confidence and ability to be inclusive, respectful and valued members of society, who show perseverance when meeting the challenges that life can bring.


The school’s curriculum plan is carefully matched to children’s developmental stages and is informed by legislation, staff training and collaboration with Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning. Our long term plan follows a spiral curriculum, where objectives are built on each year. Each year group will be taught units including anti-bullying and equalities, health and our bodies, drug safety, how to keep ourselves safe and what it means to be a friend.


PSHE and RSHE teaches the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive, healthy and respectful relationships, both with other children and with adults in all contexts, including online. This sits alongside the essential understanding of how to protect and care for your physical and mental health. The RSHE objectives are embedded within our PSHE programme and provides all of our pupils from their early beginnings in EYFS, all the way through to Year 6, with the correct terminology, knowledge and skills to be able to lead healthy and successful lives.


We believe that children are all individuals who need to be nurtured in a learning environment, which enables them to achieve their full potential and to have their successes celebrated. We are committed to providing our children with opportunities to learn about rights and responsibilities and to appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society. Our overall aim, is for children to communicate their feelings respectfully in a safe and supportive environment to ensure they gain a happy, healthy, fulfilling, and balanced life.


Furthermore, alongside theoretical and practical lessons in the classroom, we also utilise a range of visitors and outside agencies to enhance and supplement the teaching of PSHE and RSHE such as Schoolbeat officers and the NSPCC.



The overarching aim for PSHCE in our school is to ensure that pupils:-

  • stay as healthy as possible
  • keep themselves and other safe
  • have worthwhile and fulfilling relationships
  • have respect for others
  • be independent and responsible members of the school community
  • play an active role as members of a democratic society.
  • develop self-confidence and self esteem
  • behave in a socially and morally acceptable way including  towards  others
  • make informed choices regarding personal and social issues.
  • develop good relationships with both members of the school and with the wider community


These are our PiNK timetables for our PSHCE curriculum: (Under Review)