Our curriculum supports children to become confident mathematicians, vital skills in the modern world. Teaching focuses on cross curricular learning where possible in order to make the maths learning exciting and motivating, with dynamic ICT software and resources. Daily lessons are delivered across the school, with a focus on:

  • Number and Place Value;
  • Addition and Subtraction;
  • Multiplication and Division;
  • Fractions (Y4 includes Decimals);
  • Measurement;
  • Geometry (including Properties of Shape and Position and Direction;
  • Statistics


and for Year 5&6:

  • Decimals and Percentages;
  • Ratio and Proportion;
  • Algebra


All children have access to Mathletics, an online subscription, which supports and reinforces learning.


Useful Maths Links

  • Maths is Fun – Covers all areas of Maths. Lots of good logic puzzles!

  • BBC Schools – BBC Website – covers all areas of maths.

  • BBC Bitesize – Covers all areas of maths – recently updated videos and interactive games!

  • Maths Games – Good website for grouping games for all areas of maths from various websites.

  • The Numtums – Join in with the Numtums and learn about numbers from 1 to 10.

  • CrickWeb – Good variety of games for all stages of the primary school

  • ICT Games – Wide variety of interactive games for KS1


Useful Maths Documents