Curriculum Intent

The mission of Ann Edwards Church of England Primary School is to encourage each and every child to reach their highest levels of personal development to enable them to succeed in life.

Our vibrant, innovative 21st Century curriculum puts the children at the forefront of the learning experience, inspiring a lifelong love of learning and reading. Our ‘beginning with a hook’ approach leads to engaging, exciting and relevant lessons that make education an enjoyable experience.

Through our committed and dedicated team, we endeavor to nurture each unique need of our pupils, supporting them in fulfilling their ambitions regardless of background, special educational needs or disability. We believe not only that a safe, engaged and happy student is a good learner, but that happiness and mental and physical wellbeing should be ends to themselves.

Ann Edwards Primary School provides a warm and caring environment that nurtures confidence, mutual support, kindness, inquiry and self-esteem while challenging pupils to develop resilience and self-discipline. We are passionate about empowering our children by giving them the skills, knowledge and confidence to communicate and explore their thoughts and feelings, as well as having the opportunity to creatively express themselves

As a Church School, we live out our values in everything we do, offering guidance through the teachings of Christ and through moments of calm, stillness and reflection. Our children feel a strong sense of belonging to our school as well as the local community and they are equipped to make a positive contribution to the wider world.


Topic Cycles

EYFS One Year Cycle

KS1 (Year 1 & 2) Two Year Cycle

LKS2 (Year 3 & 4) Two Year Cycle 

UKS2 (Year 5 & 6) Two Year Cycle 


Curriculum Provision

Phonics & Reading Schemes

Details of the phonics and reading schemes we use can be found on our English page – linked above.


National Curriculum & DfE Early Years Outcomes


Further Curriculum Information for Parents

Should you want to know more about our curriculum, please contact your class teacher in the first instance and if you require more information please contact us.