HT Update

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We did actually start the week with a whole-school collective worship which explored different aspects of service which then continued with each class exploring the ‘big question’ of ‘What acts of service do we see in our community?’ This was an interesting question to explore because we first needed to consider what we meant first by ‘community’. I had the pleasure of joining Oak Class for this session and was really impressed with children’s contributions around acts of kindness (which tied in with this year’s Anti-Bullying Week message), the environment and religious belief. Mrs Seymour has plenty of follow-up questions to explore next week!

Our children sing particularly well, it’s so lovely when we’re all singing together, smiling and joining in with actions too. As well as enjoying ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman accompanied by Mrs Jones and Mr Mobey on instruments, and really going to town on The Beatles, we have sung the iSing Pop! song ‘Thank You’ this week to celebrate both service and gratitude. We are really looking forward to our iSing Pop! Workshops in school next week.

Thank you to Mrs Baines who has started helping us look after the Library Bus.

Curriculum subject leaders and teams have been doing some important monitoring and planning work around our vibrant, inclusive curriculum this term which has included, but is not restricted to: how oracy is embedded within lessons throughout the school; how children’s writing skills develop over a three-week unit; differentiation and pupil engagement in maths; assessment in science; the quality of our history teaching; philosophy for children; continuous provision in EYFS and KS1. I am attending a meeting today with Miss Lund and governors, each of whom is linked to a particular area of our school development plan, to organise how they will provide the next level of scrutiny, challenge and support as we move forward this year.

To aid our ongoing self-evaluation of the teaching and learning, the maths team will be sending home a survey soon so pleased look out for that.

Finally, it was great to compete in our first inter-schools competition in over 18 months. We played in a Year 6, 6-aside football tournament at Cirencester Primary. Although we didn’t win, everybody did themselves proud and we are certainly looking forward to attending more in the near future, across all year groups.