Getting to Know Mr Moore

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The following Q and A session about me was recently posted on Facebook and I thought that it might also make a good Headteacher’s Blog post:

As part of our “Getting To Know Your Teacher” feature we would like to introduce our new Headteacher, Mr Moore.

Mr Moore started with us in September and the children have been asking lots of questions so they can find out everything they need to know about their new Headteacher! Here are some of the interesting questions and answers..

Yew Class asked “Why did you pick this school? & If you could have any superpower which would help you in your job, what would it be?”

Mr Moore replied

“Firstly, because I think that Ann Edwards and I fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. The school is vibrant and caring, really prioritises a rich curriculum and things like music, sports and forest school, and the staff are so enthusiastic and organised. The children aren’t too bad either………..As you know, all Headteachers already have many superpowers, such as seeing out the back of our heads and knowing what children are thinking, but if I could choose one more I would quite fancy being able to fly…but more kind of ‘swooshing’ through the air like Superman, not flapping my arms continuously”.


Apple Class asked: “What is your favourite food and do you have any pets?”

Mr Moore replied: “My favourite food is curry and I have two cats: Poppy and her brother, Dexter”.


Beech Class asked: “Did you like school when you were their age and what did you like doing at school?”

Mr Moore answered: “I loved school when I was in KS1 – I used to pretend to be a dragon! I particularly loved writing, art, music and playing with my friends.”


Holly Class asked: “What inspired you to be a teacher, how many schools have you taught in what is your favourite subject to teach?”

Mr Moore replied: “Wow. Well, I did some work experience when I was in the sixth form with young disabled children then a friend’s mum trained to be a teacher and was really enthusiastic about all of these wonderful books and approaches. These two things inspired me to volunteer in my local school and study to be a teacher so that I could make a difference and help children to learn in a fun, creative way. I’ve taught in just over fifteen schools I think! And my favourite subject to teach….tricky: I love Izzy-Whizzy Maths games and lessons that get you thinking, plus phonics and exploring philosophical big questions. I would love to teach mindfulness”.


OAK CLASS asked “What was your scariest moment?”

Wow! Okay – maybe in the middle of the night when I was at boarding school, about age ten. My friends and I were telling spooky stories and suddenly the fire alarm went off – it made us all jump completely out of our skins!


SYCAMORE CLASS asked Mr Moore “What is your funniest story?”

Mr Moore replied: “I bet you want me to publicly share my most embarrassing story (I’m on to you!) but I’m going to say Horrid Henry’s Underpants because I just love reading the beginning of that story out loud – it’s hilarious”.


BAY CLASS asked “What is your favourite hobby?”

Mr Moore answered “Please can I choose two? Reading…and watching Star Wars films, shows and Youtubers”.


BIRCH CLASS asked “What is your favourite Star Wars character and why?

Mr Moore replied: “Oo, tricky! I have quite a few Jedi I like equally, but I think I will have to go for little droid, R2D2 – he saves the universe so many times!”

They also asked “Do you have children?”

Mr Moore replied “Yes, two – a boy and a girl”.


CHESTNUT CLASS asked Mr Moore “Where is your favourite place to visit?”

Mr Moore answered “Ann Edwards! Apart from that, of course, I do love walking around Blenheim Palace (and visiting the café afterwards!).”.


Elm CLASS asked Mr Moore a number of questions:

What is your favourite football team?

Mr Moore replied “England!”

“Where is your favourite place to visit or travel to?”

Mr Moore answered: “I answered Chestnut’s question about my favourite place to visit but thinking about travelling, I’m currently going through a Scandinavia travel phase”.

What are your hobbies outside of school?

Mr Moore replied “Spending time with my family, reading, walking, swimming, Marvel, Star Wars and Dr Who”.

Their final question was “What is your favourite take-away?”

Mr Moore confirmed that “Although Indian food is probably my favourite overall, I also love Chinese food, especially on a Friday night after a busy week at work when my family all come together”.

We hope that you all feel you know Mr Moore a little bit better after reading the above!